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Asbestos Lab Testing vs DIY Testing

If you suspect asbestos is in your building, your best course of action is to engage asbestos lab testing and removal services. The nature of asbestos materials and the effects they can have on your health make this a very dire situation which must be handled speedily and carefully. DIY asbestos tests may seem like an alternative for those looking to save financial resources but the possible risks associated with this methodology are too high. Hence the team at All Clear Environmental would like you to know why asbestos testing and removal should be left to experts.

Professional Asbestos LAB testing is accurate


asbestos lab testing accuracy

Asbestos fibres are minute in size and can look like other fibrous materials or insulation. The most reliable way to identify asbestos is with trained experts using specialized equipment like microscopes to analyse the suspected substance. Hence, the best way to identify asbestos is with lab testing. Experts safely extract a sample of the material and transport it to a testing laboratory where the analysis is carried out under controlled conditions. This ensures that there are no external factors to influence the test’s results and allows for only accurate readings. DIY asbestos tests do not provide that same level of accuracy. The testing kits provided online or in stores will rely heavily on the expertise of an average citizen. Any errors during the sample collection stage will heavily affect the test results. Given how important the results of an asbestos test are, getting an erroneous result due to human error can lead to grievous harm or unnecessary panic and stress.

Professional Asbestos LAB testing is safe


asbestos lab testing safe

Asbestos is a fibrous material that is prone to breaking apart into minuscule airborne fibres. When breathed in, asbestos can cause many health conditions, including mesothelioma and lung cancer. As such, handling asbestos for testing is a dangerous proposition that should not be taken lightly. Only professionals in asbestos removal and testing should handle situations where asbestos is suspected. They will have the necessary knowledge to extract the substance as safely as possible and transport it for testing. The experts will also have the equipment to protect themselves from any asbestos fibres in the air and the required containment devices to hold and transport the material for testing. DIY asbestos tests cannot provide safety at the level of the professional test. The expertise and equipment needed to ensure personal protection are not available to the average person. Hence, performing asbestos tests without professional services is a dangerous gamble that can have long-term health consequences.

Professional Asbestos LAB testing prevents further spread

asbestos lab test results

The fibrous nature of asbestos and its tendency to break apart into tiny fibres that can become airborne also allows them to spread easily. This becomes a bigger problem if the fibres manage to enter a building’s ventilation system. This could expose all the building’s residents to asbestos fibres. Professional asbestos removal and testing involve techniques and equipment that mitigate and eliminate the risk of asbestos spreading. The area where the suspected asbestos sample can be sealed off and enclosed from the rest of the building (Enclosure). This minimizes the risk of asbestos spreading during the remediation process. If the material in question doesn’t require removal, it can be covered with a coating designed to prevent asbestos fibres from breaking off. (Encapsulation) The extraction of asbestos is done with biohazardous containment devices that are labelled properly (Removal). The materials are monitored carefully until they can be disposed of properly. A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum and other equipment are used to sanitize the area after the removal is complete (Cleanup). DIY asbestos abatement lacks the proper tools and expertise to effectively corral the spread of asbestos fibres. It could actually worsen the situation by releasing more fibres into the atmosphere. This will lead to more people breathing it in and cause serious health concerns.

ALL CLEAR ENVIRONMENTAL – Ontario’s leaders in asbestos and mold removal

Asbestos lab testing and removal are tasks that should be left to professional services. Without the right techniques and equipment, asbestos fibres can create a significant health hazard with effects that last for long periods after exposure. The affordability of DIY asbestos tests may be tempting but the price you pay elsewhere will not be worth what you save. Please contact us if you have any needs with regard to asbestos remediation. All Clear Environmental employs a certified team of asbestos testing and removal experts. We can properly assess your exposure levels and perform any abatement tasks required. Choose us to make your building safe for you and for future generations.