Lead Paint Removal

How do I know there’s lead paint in my home?

If you suspect that your home has lead paint, you need to have it tested by a certified professional to determine the right course of action. Some home owners tend to use some test kits from hardware stores, but these kits don’t always provide the right assessment of the lead in your house. If you plan to renovate your house–especially if it’s built before the lead paint ban–then it’s very important to test for lead paint before getting started with interior finishing.

Is Lead Paint Harmful?

Lead paint is harmful and has some serious lasting effects on human health according to the recent scientific studies which proved the danger of exposure to lead paint. The people most affected by the exposure to lead paint are children and have a higher chance of long term health effects. Lead paint is a poisonous material and that’s why it’s recommended to have your paint tested and treated as soon as possible

How to Get Rid of Lead Paint

There are some common methods for lead paint removal like dry sanding, power sanding, and dry scraping but they are usually not very effective in lead paint removal. These methods usually create a cloud of lead dust which can spread around your home and cause major health issues to your family.
It’s always advised to get professional help to deal with hazardous materials like lead paint as you shouldn’t compromise on the condition of your property and the health of your family.

Why Hire All Clear Environmental for Lead Treatment

All Clear Environmental is a fully certified and insured professional company in lead paint removal for residential and commercial properties. We take the safety of our clients and workers very seriously when removing lead paint from any property and we offer our clients 100% satisfaction guarantee as we get the job done right the first time.

If you have lead paint in your property and require the help of a professional company then go ahead and contact us today by filling out the estimate form or simply give us a call at (519) 577-0013 and one of our certified inspectors will provide you with a fair estimate


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