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A Construction Worker Installing Safe Insulation

Modern Construction Materials and Practices for Building Asbestos-Free Homes

Asbestos removal has become a top priority in modern construction as we strive to create safe and healthy living places. In their pursuit of health and safety, asbestos removal has become a major issue for both homeowners and builders.


In this blog, the team at All Clear Environmental examines the contemporary building supplies and methods that make it possible to build asbestos-free homes.



Asbestos free cellulose insulation.

Building Materials


Fiber Cement: This material’s longevity and fire resistance make it a popular choice for siding. Cement, cellulose fibres, and sand are the ingredients that make it up. It is a substitute for asbestos which is strong and resilient to many kinds of weather.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP): GRP is resilient, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight, making it a popular choice for structural components in buildings. Because of its adaptability, it’s a good substitute for conventional materials that could include asbestos.

Cellulose Insulation: Cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly material that is made from recycled paper or cardboard and offers superior acoustic and heat insulation. It’s a secure substitute for the typical asbestos insulation found in attics and walls.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipes: The longevity, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation of PVC pipes make them a popular choice in plumbing. Compared to asbestos-cement pipes, these pipes are safer and more effective.

Engineered Wood Products: Oriented strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and other engineered wood products offer structural strength without utilizing asbestos. They are adaptable and found in many different building settings.

Aluminum and Steel: Because of their strength, resilience to corrosion, and longevity, steel and aluminum are both often employed in construction. These materials are a dependable substitute for asbestos-containing materials found in roofing and other structural components.

Asphalt Shingles: Since asphalt shingles are more affordable, more readily installed, and more durable than asbestos-containing shingles, they have become the material of choice for roofing.



A worker disposing of old asbestos materials during construction.

Construction Practices


Proper Handling and Disposal: Workers in the construction industry receive training on how to handle and dispose of hazardous chemicals safely. This entails locating suspect items, asbestos testing and securely eliminating any items in buildings that may still contain asbestos.

Regulations and Standards: Strict compliance with asbestos regulations that forbid the use of materials containing asbestos in construction, protecting the health and safety of both workers and potential tenants.

Regular Inspections: Maintaining a healthy living environment requires doing routine inspections to make sure that existing structures are free of asbestos-containing materials and replacing them with safer alternatives.

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality: Using materials that support good indoor air quality and installing appropriate ventilation systems can help reduce the health risks associated with exposure to dangerous pollutants.

Education and Awareness: Promoting safety and health by teaching architects, builders, and homeowners about the dangers of asbestos and the value of employing safer alternatives in buildings.

Sealing Materials: Applying coatings and sealants to stop potentially dangerous particles from escaping and provide a safer living space.

Green Building Certifications: Following the rules established by the numerous green building certifications, which emphasize using non-toxic and ecologically friendly materials in construction projects.



Importance of Asbestos-Free Construction


Ensuring the well-being and health of every person depends critically on establishing a safe living environment via the use of contemporary building techniques. These practices are important because they are the cornerstone of fostering safety and security in our homes, not just for constructing structures.


We take preventative action to defend against potential health risks by putting these contemporary building techniques into effect. Once a substance widely utilized, asbestos has been linked to serious health hazards, such as cancer and lung problems. Removing this dangerous material by using ethical methods, such as asbestos removal, guarantees that houses become safe havens free from the potential hazards of these materials.


Furthermore, utilizing cutting-edge and safe materials improves indoor air quality while strengthening a home’s structural integrity. For example, PVC pipes, cellulose insulation, and fibre cement provide strength and durability while also guaranteeing that the air we breathe in our houses is free of harmful substances.


Adopting these principles is a commitment to put our families’ health and safety first, not just a construction decision. Green building certifications, appropriate handling and disposal methods, and routine inspections all play a part in the deliberate endeavour to design living environments where people may flourish without worrying about coming into contact with potentially harmful elements.


All Clear Environmental – Asbestos & Mould Removal Experts


Maintaining the use of safe, contemporary materials and asbestos removal is still essential as the construction industry develops. By doing this, homeowners and builders work together to create a future that is more sustainable, safer, and healthier.

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