Mold Remediation


All Clear Environmental has over 10 years of experience in mold remediation having done hundreds of residential and commercial projects in Ontario. We have the skill set to help you get rid of mold in your property using professional removal, remediation and testing of mold.

As soon you discover signs of mold in your property, you need to address it right away– especially because it has serious health issues for children and seniors not to mention the negative effects it has on your building.

Our trained and certified staff will start the mold removing process by doing mold testing to find out the types of mold affecting certain areas. As soon as we identify the affected areas we then proceed with total isolation of these areas to ensure the health and safety of your family. We also make sure that mold spores don’t spread all over the rest of your property and ensure that all debris is removed safely.

The next step is to identify the causes of mold such moisture problems which usually happen due to leaks or bad ventilation and other ways for water to reach building materials. Once the cause and location of mold are identified, we dry the area and spray antifungal solutions to treat the affected area. All our treatment solutions are all safe for pets and humans and will prevent any future mold problems.

All Clear Environmental is fully licensed, insured and mold removal experts and we offer some of the most competitive fees in all of Ontario. Get your free estimate today by filling in the estimate form or simply call our certified inspector at (519) 577-0013 to book a free Inspection.


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